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Shape Enrichment Workshop in Texas, USA Registration deadline: December 14, 2018

  • 4 Feb 2019
  • 8 Feb 2019
  • Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas, USA

Great opportunity for keepers in the U.S. to attend a lively and hands-on enrichment workshop! Registration deadline is 14 December 2018. To register, please email for the form.

Hosted by Moody Gardens in Texas, USA, and presented by Shape of Enrichment instructors Mark Kingston Jones and Margaret Whittaker. The course is split between presentation and practical components. Presentation topics include animal welfare and an enrichment overview, including enrichment framework, safety, and evaluation. Practical components include behavioral problem solving activities, rope splicing workshop, and working in groups to brainstorm, design, build, and implement enrichment ideas for the animals at Moody Gardens.

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